the stress inside the bed cnc punching

punch press stability, characteristics, applications Introduction to Precision Press Precision punch is widely used in a variety of mass production of metal sheet metal processing punching CNC H-Beam Drilling, forming, extension. Such as transport vehicles, watches and clocks, home appliances, stationery, hand tools, hardware, computers and other products processing. At the same time, the installation of automatic feeder, engaged in automatic transfer of the entire production line processing. In this case, High-precision precision punch features: In this case, First, high rigidity High rigidity, high-precision structure, the use of steel welding, and by heat treatment, to eliminate the stress inside the bed drilling tapping machine. Second, the center of gravity balance.

1. Transmission center and the machine as a whole the center of the line, to ensure accurate and stable stamping. Third, the operation is stable and safe Clutch / brake device is highly sensitive, coupled with the international top double solenoid valve and overload protection device to ensure that the punch slider to run and stop the accuracy and safety. Slide adjustment mechanism adjustment precision up to 0 CNC Movement Drilling machine.1mm, adjust the production more secure, fast. Fourth, high precision Crankshaft, gears, gear shaft and other parts of friction and other heat treatment by grinding after grinding, high wear resistance and balance, stable performance, to ensure punch quality and life. Fifth, processing automation Can be used with any of the automatic feed mechanism, automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

6, environmental protection, energy saving And beautiful appearance, low noise, low consumption, energy saving, smooth and simple appearance can reflect the advanced design concept. In this case, Attention to more information on precision punch:

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