Standard Practice for Safe Operation of Precision Presses

The following points should be noted for the safety operation of precision punching presses Precision punching machine must learn to master the structure of the equipment, performance, familiar with the operating procedures and to obtain an operating license before an independent operation.

★. Before driving to pay attention to lubrication, remove the bed surface of all floating items.

★ When punching or punching, the operator should stand properly, the hand and head should keep a certain distance from the punching press, and pay attention to the punch action at all times, and forbid chatting with others.

★. Punching or rustic system when the workpiece is short, the application of specialized tools, shall not hand feeding or picking.

★. Blanking or wretched system of long body parts, should be set up security care rack or take other safety measures to avoid digging.

★. Single red, hands and feet are not allowed on the hand, foot brake, you must rush a move (step) look, to prevent accidents. ★. More than a common operation, responsible for moving (tread) brake, we must pay attention to the action of the feeders, is strictly prohibited side of the pick-up, side move (step) brake.

★. Proper use of equipment on the security protection and control devices saw machine, not any demolition move. ★ Check the machine tool transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts and protective safety device is normal, mold screws must be installed firmly, can not move.

★ Machine should be empty before work for 2-3 minutes, check the foot brake and other control device flexibility, to confirm the normal use before, not sick operation.

★ When the mold to firmly, the upper and lower mold alignment, to ensure the correct position, hand to move the machine to try to punch (empty) busbar bending cutting punching machine, to ensure that the mold is in good condition to work.

★. Stop working at the end of time, cut off the power induction heating machine, wipe the machine, finishing the environment. The above is to explain the operation of the precision punch press, learn more about the precision punch information.

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