Precision punch machines annual maintenance project

A: precision presses every six months of maintenance should be the implementation of the project

1. Precision punch photoelectric safety device performance test and projection angle and regional test adjustment.

2. Precision punch electrical system of the appearance of the other parts, contact with the line wear loose and other point inspection welding machine for plate,

3 Welding adjustable stand. Precision presses overload protection device of the oil circuit clean, oil chamber cleaning, oil and pressure action and function test to adjust.

4.Precision punch main motor V-belt wear and tension checks, adjust.

5. Leave the brake parts of the dismantling of the decomposition, cleaning and maintenance, precision punch clearance check and adjust the installation of complex debugging.

6. Balancers and other parts of the demolition disassembly, cleaning inspection and re-installed Second: the precision punch for each year of maintenance should be the implementation of the project 1. Ball teeth, connecting rod demolition decomposition, cleaning and maintenance, check tooth saws and connecting rod thread occlusion and wear conditions, and polishing steel punch press, grinding occlusal surface and apply grease. 2. Slide assembly (high-pressure oil chamber, charge cover. Overload hydraulic cylinder, worm, worm, etc.) Demolition decomposition, cleaning and maintenance, clearance adjustment and wear surface, oil seal inspection and re-apply grease.

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