development of machine tool industry straightening machine

High – precision punch industry behind the high – growth hi and worry The market is so hot, one of the reasons is essential, the state in response to the financial crisis, the development of the industry three years to adjust the revitalization plan and focus on the implementation of key projects in the field of development, led the energy, shipping, railway, aviation, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery And other industries of the revitalization of these industries indirectly stimulated the development of machine tool industry straightening machine. In this case, Even more than the July-day dog ​​days of heat, I am afraid that is a hot high-speed punch industry. From the high-speed punch show in Nanjing in April to CIMES in Beijing in June, to the end of July in Shanghai East Expo, almost all of the enterprises interviewed, are given the same basic answer: ‘End orders can not, The machine tool industry recovery, this is expected, but the recovery to such a degree, some beyond imagination, even during the financial crisis, the backlog of poor sales of ordinary machine tools and the economy of the machine tool industry, Type CNC machine tools, but also at this time, suddenly issued a call to life, ‘the second spring’.

In addition, China’s automobile production for the first time last year best mill drill, more than 10 million mark, ranking the world’s largest consumer. As the machine tool industry’s largest downstream industries, automobile manufacturing to a large extent, also led to the development of precision punching industry. Moreover, many companies are expected to brighten the market prospects for machine tools, increase investment, resulting in cumulative investment outbreak, led to the problem of tight supply chain, but also caused the shortage of raw materials, spare parts for the host phenomenon. In the current market, many experienced the 2008 financial crisis machine tool companies sheet metal punch, on the one hand to step up the completion of orders, on the other hand worried about the phenomenon of hot short-lived, hot, the market will decline. Do not discuss the hot, the market in the end can be quite long, for the current industry, the rapid growth has become an indisputable fact.

Instead of vigilance ‘storm’ when to come, it is better at this time when the mouth, relaxed state of mind, regain confidence. In fact, the future development trend for the industry, many industry experts also gave the signal: ‘The first half of the hot situation than expected, although the second half will slow down, but the annual growth rate of 15% or Can be expected.  Rdquo; So even if not as in the second half as the first half, maintaining a growth rate of 40%, but 15% growth, but also completely allow us to calm down. For enterprises, the most important thing is to properly plan the development of the second half, in fact, whether it is to expand production capacity, or to win, it is undeniable that the machine tool industry in 2010 is certainly more than worry about hi a year.

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