High – speed precision punch precision press security protection devices

High-speed precision punch Photoelectric protection device: also known as photoelectric protector CNC beam steel drilling machine, safety light curtain, safety grating, etc., the photoelectric protection device is through a group of infrared light beam to form a protective grating cnc drilling machine for beams, when the grating is blocked, the photoelectric protection device sends a signal, Potentially dangerous machinery and equipment to stop working in order to reduce the operating personnel in the work environment the possibility of injury, the effective protection of the personal safety of workers. High-speed precision punch and mechanical equipment to protect the operator’s personal safety.

Its security level requirements, mainly for forging industry, automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic manufacturing industry and other areas of personal safety testing. 1. Photoelectric safety device: the principle is to use emitter and receiver to form one or more beam grating, the high-speed precision punch operator and the danger zone isolated, if the operator of a part of the body into the danger zone automatic girth welding machine, the light is Cut off, the issue of electrical signals, the electrical signal amplified by the slider control circuit with the chain, so that the slider stop running. 2. Two-hand button protection: This is only a manipulator’s hands while pressing the two buttons, the slider only movement, when the high-speed precision punch to reach the next dead point before the slide, if any halfway open any switch, High-speed precision press slide will stop movement of the protection device. This high-speed precision punch press is simple, safe and reliable, in the larger tonnage of the punch, because the high-speed precision punch itself stroke frequency is low, the impact of yield is not significant, the effect can still be satisfying. But the higher the frequency of the small tonnage punch, but because of the use of too much trouble and less use. When the high-speed precision punch equipment equipped with safety devices, be considered a standard high-speed precision punch products, can be put into use.

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