DGWMX303E-3-S To cut/punch cutting machine



Main Function:
To cut/punch(all kingds of round/square/special holes and slot type)/chamfer/horizontal bending/
vertical bending/ emboss/Press cable thread /twist/anti-press flat the copper/aluminum busbar ect.
Function Introduction:
●● 1. Cutting unit adopts double-column shear structure (patent number: ZL201120262802.1),Cut mouth flat,
no burr, no waste.
●● 2. Punching unit adopts Nodular cast iron,4/6/8 modes position turrent punching structure which is a totaly
whole one,improving concentric degree of moulds,
●● prolonging the service life of the moulds,saving time of change.
●● 3. Bending unit adopts closed bending structure,making it is more uniform when processing horizontal
bending and embossing. Also prolonging the service life.
●● 4. Bending unit adopts double work table,achieved a real sense of the three position working at thge same
time while working without impact each other.
●● 5. Adopting PLC controled, bending angle can be cnc,and with a storage function.
●● 6. Three units of the machine can work at the same time,not affecting each other,Improving the processing
●● 7. Hydraulic tank with thick plate welding,and is treated by phosphating, making hydraulic oil can be long time
used and will not degenerate.

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