Hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump the same point and different points

Hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump the same point
① In principle, the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump is reversible, if driven by the motor, the output of the pressure energy (pressure and flow) This is the hydraulic pump; if the input pressure oil, the output of mechanical energy (torque and speed ), Becomes a hydraulic motor.

busbar bending machine

② from the structural point of view, the two are similar.
③ hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps are the working principle of the work of the use of sealing changes in the volume of oil and oil discharge. For hydraulic pumps, the working volume increases when the oil absorption, reduce the volume of work when the discharge of high-pressure oil. For hydraulic motors, the working volume drilling sheet metal increases when entering the high-pressure oil, the working volume decreases when the discharge of low-pressure oil.
Hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps of different points
① hydraulic pump is the motor mechanical energy into hydraulic energy conversion device, the output flow and pressure, the hope that the volume efficiency; hydraulic motor is the liquid pressure to mechanical energy conversion device, the output torque and speed, the hope that the mechanical efficiency high. Therefore, the hydraulic pump is the energy device, and the hydraulic motor is the actuator.
② hydraulic motor output shaft of the steering must be able to forward and reverse, and like gear pumps and vane pumps and other hydraulic pump steering has a clear requirement, only one-way rotation, can not be arbitrary.
Hydraulic motor is the hydraulic energy can be converted to continuous rotary motion mechanical energy of the actuator.
Hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps have the same basic structural busbar bending machine elements – closed and can change the volume of the cycle and the corresponding oil distribution mechanism.
From the working principle, the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump are relying on the work of the chamber volume changes, but the purpose of the use of the two different structures there are many differences, generally not directly reciprocal general, only a few pumps can be made Hydraulic motor.

development of machine tool industry straightening machine

High – precision punch industry behind the high – growth hi and worry The market is so hot, one of the reasons is essential, the state in response to the financial crisis, the development of the industry three years to adjust the revitalization plan and focus on the implementation of key projects in the field of development, led the energy, shipping, railway, aviation, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery And other industries of the revitalization of these industries indirectly stimulated the development of machine tool industry straightening machine. In this case, Even more than the July-day dog ​​days of heat, I am afraid that is a hot high-speed punch industry. From the high-speed punch show in Nanjing in April to CIMES in Beijing in June, to the end of July in Shanghai East Expo, almost all of the enterprises interviewed, are given the same basic answer: ‘End orders can not, The machine tool industry recovery, this is expected, but the recovery to such a degree, some beyond imagination, even during the financial crisis, the backlog of poor sales of ordinary machine tools and the economy of the machine tool industry, Type CNC machine tools, but also at this time, suddenly issued a call to life, ‘the second spring’.

In addition, China’s automobile production for the first time last year best mill drill, more than 10 million mark, ranking the world’s largest consumer. As the machine tool industry’s largest downstream industries, automobile manufacturing to a large extent, also led to the development of precision punching industry. Moreover, many companies are expected to brighten the market prospects for machine tools, increase investment, resulting in cumulative investment outbreak, led to the problem of tight supply chain, but also caused the shortage of raw materials, spare parts for the host phenomenon. In the current market, many experienced the 2008 financial crisis machine tool companies sheet metal punch, on the one hand to step up the completion of orders, on the other hand worried about the phenomenon of hot short-lived, hot, the market will decline. Do not discuss the hot, the market in the end can be quite long, for the current industry, the rapid growth has become an indisputable fact.

Instead of vigilance ‘storm’ when to come, it is better at this time when the mouth, relaxed state of mind, regain confidence. In fact, the future development trend for the industry, many industry experts also gave the signal: ‘The first half of the hot situation than expected, although the second half will slow down, but the annual growth rate of 15% or Can be expected.  Rdquo; So even if not as in the second half as the first half, maintaining a growth rate of 40%, but 15% growth, but also completely allow us to calm down. For enterprises, the most important thing is to properly plan the development of the second half, in fact, whether it is to expand production capacity, or to win, it is undeniable that the machine tool industry in 2010 is certainly more than worry about hi a year.

the stress inside the bed cnc punching

punch press stability, characteristics, applications Introduction to Precision Press Precision punch is widely used in a variety of mass production of metal sheet metal processing punching CNC H-Beam Drilling, forming, extension. Such as transport vehicles, watches and clocks, home appliances, stationery, hand tools, hardware, computers and other products processing. At the same time, the installation of automatic feeder, engaged in automatic transfer of the entire production line processing. In this case, High-precision precision punch features: In this case, First, high rigidity High rigidity, high-precision structure, the use of steel welding, and by heat treatment, to eliminate the stress inside the bed drilling tapping machine. Second, the center of gravity balance.

1. Transmission center and the machine as a whole the center of the line, to ensure accurate and stable stamping. Third, the operation is stable and safe Clutch / brake device is highly sensitive, coupled with the international top double solenoid valve and overload protection device to ensure that the punch slider to run and stop the accuracy and safety. Slide adjustment mechanism adjustment precision up to 0 CNC Movement Drilling machine.1mm, adjust the production more secure, fast. Fourth, high precision Crankshaft, gears, gear shaft and other parts of friction and other heat treatment by grinding after grinding, high wear resistance and balance, stable performance, to ensure punch quality and life. Fifth, processing automation Can be used with any of the automatic feed mechanism, automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

6, environmental protection, energy saving And beautiful appearance, low noise, low consumption, energy saving, smooth and simple appearance can reflect the advanced design concept. In this case, Attention to more information on precision punch: www.ipmmc.com

Standard Practice for Safe Operation of Precision Presses

The following points should be noted for the safety operation of precision punching presses Precision punching machine must learn to master the structure of the equipment, performance, familiar with the operating procedures and to obtain an operating license before an independent operation.

★. Before driving to pay attention to lubrication, remove the bed surface of all floating items.

★ When punching or punching, the operator should stand properly, the hand and head should keep a certain distance from the punching press, and pay attention to the punch action at all times, and forbid chatting with others.

★. Punching or rustic system when the workpiece is short, the application of specialized tools, shall not hand feeding or picking.

★. Blanking or wretched system of long body parts, should be set up security care rack or take other safety measures to avoid digging.

★. Single red, hands and feet are not allowed on the hand, foot brake, you must rush a move (step) look, to prevent accidents. ★. More than a common operation, responsible for moving (tread) brake, we must pay attention to the action of the feeders, is strictly prohibited side of the pick-up, side move (step) brake.

★. Proper use of equipment on the security protection and control devices saw machine, not any demolition move. ★ Check the machine tool transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts and protective safety device is normal, mold screws must be installed firmly, can not move.

★ Machine should be empty before work for 2-3 minutes, check the foot brake and other control device flexibility, to confirm the normal use before, not sick operation.

★ When the mold to firmly, the upper and lower mold alignment, to ensure the correct position, hand to move the machine to try to punch (empty) busbar bending cutting punching machine, to ensure that the mold is in good condition to work.

★. Stop working at the end of time, cut off the power induction heating machine, wipe the machine, finishing the environment. The above is to explain the operation of the precision punch press, learn more about the precision punch information.

Precision punch machines annual maintenance project

A: precision presses every six months of maintenance should be the implementation of the project

1. Precision punch photoelectric safety device performance test and projection angle and regional test adjustment.

2. Precision punch electrical system of the appearance of the other parts, contact with the line wear loose and other point inspection welding machine for plate,

3 Welding adjustable stand. Precision presses overload protection device of the oil circuit clean, oil chamber cleaning, oil and pressure action and function test to adjust.

4.Precision punch main motor V-belt wear and tension checks, adjust.

5. Leave the brake parts of the dismantling of the decomposition, cleaning and maintenance, precision punch clearance check and adjust the installation of complex debugging.

6. Balancers and other parts of the demolition disassembly, cleaning inspection and re-installed Second: the precision punch for each year of maintenance should be the implementation of the project 1. Ball teeth, connecting rod demolition decomposition, cleaning and maintenance, check tooth saws and connecting rod thread occlusion and wear conditions, and polishing steel punch press, grinding occlusal surface and apply grease. 2. Slide assembly (high-pressure oil chamber, charge cover. Overload hydraulic cylinder, worm, worm, etc.) Demolition decomposition, cleaning and maintenance, clearance adjustment and wear surface, oil seal inspection and re-apply grease.

Precision presses are classified according to different driving forces Punch

Punch according to the driving force of different classification Punch as the name suggests is a punching press angle mark machine, because the punch on the operator’s technical requirements and through a variety of mold applications can be made by machining products can not achieve these advantages drill machine for steel, so its use More extensive. Slide the driving force can be divided into two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic, precision punch according to their use of different driving force is divided into: 1, the mechanical punch 2, hydraulic punch Ordinary sheet metal stamping processing, most of the use of mechanical punch. Hydraulic press according to their use of different liquids, hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses, press manufacturers use the majority of hydraulic presses metal sheet punching machine, hydraulic presses are used for large machinery or special machinery.

Precision presses and precision punch of the structure

punch of the structure High-speed punch on the mold is the upper part of the entire sub-dies, that is installed in the press slide on the die part. The upper die seat is the uppermost plate-like part of the upper die. The workpiece is pressed against the press slide and fixed by the mold handle or directly with the press slide. The lower die is the lower part of the entire sub-die, that is installed in the press work on the table part of the die. The lower mold seat is the bottom part of the lower mold plate parts, working directly in the press work table or pad. The blade wall is a side wall for punching the edge of the die hole. The edge slope is the slope of each side of the punch die wall. Air cushion is compressed air as the driving force of the top bomb. Refer to the ‘Top Bouncer’. The backside clamp is a part that supports the one-way force punch from the other side of the working face. High-speed punch guide sleeve is for the upper and lower die seat relative movement to provide precision-oriented tubular parts, the majority of fixed in the mold base bus bar bender, and fixed in the lower die seat with the use of the guide column. The guide plate is a plate-like part with an inner hole in which the punch is precisely slid, and is used for ensuring the mutual alignment of the punch and the die and for discharging. Pillar is for the upper and lower die holder relative movement to provide precision-oriented cylindrical parts, the majority of fixed in the lower die seat, and fixed to the die set with the guide sleeve used. Pilot pin is inserted into the hole in the material guide its position in the mold-shaped parts of the pin. The guide plate mold is guided by the guide plate, the punch is not separated from the guide plate when the mold is used. The guide plate is a plate-like guide member for guiding the strip material into the die. The guide column mold frame is the guide column, guide sleeve sliding mold. High-speed punching die is installed in the press for the production of punching process equipment, by the interaction of the upper and lower parts. Punch is the punch from the punch directly formed by the role of convex-shaped working parts, that is, the work surface to the shape of the parts. Die is the punch from the punch directly formed by the role of the concave part of the work, that is, the shape of the work surface for the parts. A protective plate is a plate-like part that prevents the finger or foreign object from entering the dangerous area of ​​the die. Compression plate is used in the stamping die for pressing materials or process parts to control the flow of material parts, drawing die, the majority of pressure plate called the binder circle. Binder is drawing die or drawing die to control the flow of materials to control the rib-shaped protrusions, the binder can be concave die or billet of the local structure, can also be set in the die or pressure circle Individual parts. The pressure sill is a section of the rectangle of the special binder. See ‘Binder’. The bearing plate is used to connect the long die on the plane, supporting the stamping material plate parts angle shear. A continuous die is a die having two or more stations, and the material is fed one station at a time along the stroke of the press so that the punch is gradually formed. High-speed punch side edge is cut in the strip side of the feed material positioning notch punch. The side pressing plate is a plate-like member which applies pressure to one side of the strip through the spring to urge the other side thereof against the sheet. The ejector rod is a rod-like member which is pushed upward or upwardly to directly push the workpiece or the preform. The top plate is a plate-like part that moves in the die or module to push the workpiece or scrap directly or indirectly upwards. The ring gear is a ring-shaped tooth-shaped protuberance on a fine blanking die or a belt press plate and is a partial structure of a die or a belt blanking plate rather than a separate part. Limit sleeve is used to limit the minimum die height of the tubular parts, usually set in the guide column outside.

The limit post is a cylindrical member which limits the minimum closing height of the die. Locating pin is to ensure that the process components in the mold has a constant position of the parts, its shape is called a positioning pin or positioning plate. High-speed punch plate is fixed plate fixed parts. Fixed discharge plate is fixed in the die position on the unloading plate. The fixed stop pin is a retaining pin that is fixed in the mold. The unloader is a non-plate-like part or device that releases the workpiece from the outer surface of the punch custom cnc machine. A stripper plate is a fixed or movable plate-shaped part that releases material or workpieces from a punch. Unloading plate is sometimes made with the guide plate integrated, and from the role of lead material, still known as the discharge plate. A discharge screw is a screw that is fixed to the relief stripper plate and serves to limit the rest position of the discharge stripper plate. High-speed punch single-mode die in the press is only one stroke to complete a process dies. There are two types of waste cutters. 1. Cutter mounted on the flange flange trimming die for cutting the whole edge trimming scrap for easy removal. 2. A cutter mounted on a press or die for cutting a strip of waste material at a fixed length for easy removal. Combination die is formed by the geometric elements of the progressive vice by the various pieces of common, adjustable sets of dies. Plane shape of the outline of the general need to punch a few sub-combination of sub-punching. Stopper pins are used to position the material at the beginning of the material. Before the block with the material are mobile. Piece is composed of a complete die, punch, stripper plate or fixed plate and other pieces of the various parts. The stopper is a hardened part for positioning the material to be cut out through the side cutting edge and for balancing the one-side cutting force suffered by the side edge. The stopper is generally used in conjunction with the side edge.

High – speed precision punch precision press security protection devices

High-speed precision punch Photoelectric protection device: also known as photoelectric protector CNC beam steel drilling machine, safety light curtain, safety grating, etc., the photoelectric protection device is through a group of infrared light beam to form a protective grating cnc drilling machine for beams, when the grating is blocked, the photoelectric protection device sends a signal, Potentially dangerous machinery and equipment to stop working in order to reduce the operating personnel in the work environment the possibility of injury, the effective protection of the personal safety of workers. High-speed precision punch and mechanical equipment to protect the operator’s personal safety.

Its security level requirements, mainly for forging industry, automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic manufacturing industry and other areas of personal safety testing. 1. Photoelectric safety device: the principle is to use emitter and receiver to form one or more beam grating, the high-speed precision punch operator and the danger zone isolated, if the operator of a part of the body into the danger zone automatic girth welding machine, the light is Cut off, the issue of electrical signals, the electrical signal amplified by the slider control circuit with the chain, so that the slider stop running. 2. Two-hand button protection: This is only a manipulator’s hands while pressing the two buttons, the slider only movement, when the high-speed precision punch to reach the next dead point before the slide, if any halfway open any switch, High-speed precision press slide will stop movement of the protection device. This high-speed precision punch press is simple, safe and reliable, in the larger tonnage of the punch, because the high-speed precision punch itself stroke frequency is low, the impact of yield is not significant, the effect can still be satisfying. But the higher the frequency of the small tonnage punch, but because of the use of too much trouble and less use. When the high-speed precision punch equipment equipped with safety devices, be considered a standard high-speed precision punch products, can be put into use.

DGWMX303E-3-S To cut/punch cutting machine



Main Function:
To cut/punch(all kingds of round/square/special holes and slot type)/chamfer/horizontal bending/
vertical bending/ emboss/Press cable thread /twist/anti-press flat the copper/aluminum busbar ect.
Function Introduction:
●● 1. Cutting unit adopts double-column shear structure (patent number: ZL201120262802.1),Cut mouth flat,
no burr, no waste.
●● 2. Punching unit adopts Nodular cast iron,4/6/8 modes position turrent punching structure which is a totaly
whole one,improving concentric degree of moulds,
●● prolonging the service life of the moulds,saving time of change.
●● 3. Bending unit adopts closed bending structure,making it is more uniform when processing horizontal
bending and embossing. Also prolonging the service life.
●● 4. Bending unit adopts double work table,achieved a real sense of the three position working at thge same
time while working without impact each other.
●● 5. Adopting PLC controled, bending angle can be cnc,and with a storage function.
●● 6. Three units of the machine can work at the same time,not affecting each other,Improving the processing
●● 7. Hydraulic tank with thick plate welding,and is treated by phosphating, making hydraulic oil can be long time
used and will not degenerate.

Find out more  at busbar cutting machine : www.busbarmc.com

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